For Student Volunteers 

A. To Volunteer as a Project Team Member for the planning of future events, not just day-of- volunteering -- see below.

Prospective Project Team Members/Leaders should review all  these resources  to decide if they want to be involved and to fill out a volunteer questionnaire.  

1.  Orientation Video 1: The Community Improvement Initiative Organization (10 minutes)

This 10 minute video describes the Community Improvement's Mission, Values, and Strategic plan for 2016.  Prospective volunteers who find the first video interesting  should then watch Orientation Video 2 below.  

2.  Orientation Video 2: Our commitment to, and expectations of volunteers (12 minutes).

This 12 minute video describes expectations of, and CII's commitment to volunteers.

Prospective volunteers who feel they are a good fit with the organization after watching Video 2 should complete the questionnaire/application below. 

3. Sample Volunteer Agreement (2 minutes)

Volunteers should also review the sample volunteer agreement below.  The time you commit to the organization is established before you take a position, which will vary from person to person.   

4.  Prospective Volunteer Questionnaire (3 minutes)

If you like what you see in Videos 1 and 2, and the Volunteer Agreement above, complete this 10-item questionnaire is for prospective volunteers. It helps us understand your availability for volunteering, your personal goals, as well as your personal strengths.

5.  Resume Submission

 Also, please email a resume (if you have one ready) to expressing your interest in volunteering.
We will contact volunteers who progress through the 2 videos and volunteer questionnaire about next steps. 

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