Brent Ward Music

Learn to Build a Guitar

Private lessons are offered during July and December of each year at times that fit your schedule.  Weekly lessons at other times of the year can also be arranged depending on my schedule. 

Please call my for details (407) 207-0321 or email Brent Ward at

Lesson Content
Lessons can include all or some of the following concepts, depending on your skill level and what you want to learn:

  • Creating Templates of the original design
  • Making the guitar body
  • Making the neck
  • Building a tight neck pocket joint
  • Installing frets
  • Tung Oil and water-based finishes
  • Wiring electronics
  • Installing hardware
  • Setting up the Instrument

Tuition:  $20 per hour

Equipment is provided, however, you're encouraged to use your own equipment in between lessons to work on your own project (if you have such equipment).  Otherwise, you can use our shop facilities at the regular tuition rate.

Instrument features:  Instruments are bolt-on electric guitars and basses with a tung-oil finish.  Weather permitting, the neck can also be given a water-based finish.

Pre-requisite skills: Some experience with woodworking is helpful, but not required.  

Materials:  You're responsible for the cost and ordering of materials.  

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