Hear Brent Play the Instruments!

The Electric Bass with a Jazz Combo

Backstabbers.mp3 Backstabbers.mp3
Size : 1.523 Kb
Type : mp3


Mr. Magic.mp3 Mr. Magic.mp3
Size : 1.312 Kb
Type : mp3

Mr. Magic

Highroller.mp3 Highroller.mp3
Size : 2.464 Kb
Type : mp3


Killer Joe.mp3 Killer Joe.mp3
Size : 2.246 Kb
Type : mp3

Killer Joe

Percolator.mp3 Percolator.mp3
Size : 1.477 Kb
Type : mp3

Percolator, a bass feature

Number 4..mp3 Number 4..mp3
Size : 1.246 Kb
Type : mp3

Number 4

Piccolo and Electric Bass with Piano (Coming Soon)

Guitar (Coming Soon)

Ukelele (Coming Soon)

Soprano Guitar (Coming Soon)

Piano (Coming Soon)

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