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Private Bass Lessons

What We Teach

Our private lessons involve training in how to read musical notation, play slap and fingerstyle bass, as well as how to build improvised bass lines and solos.    At each level students learn to play popular songs that match their skill level.  Lessons expose the beginner to a range of musical styles from rock, blues, jazz, and new country.

Level 1:  Basic
(Tuning, reading music, playing simpler pop, rock, jazz and new country tunes. )
Level 2:  Basic Enhanced
(Tablature, Major and Minor scales, triads, more advanced popular songs)

 Level 3:   Intermediate
(Pentatonic scales, funky rythmns, playing off chord symbols, slap bass)


Students who successfully complete each level receive a Certificate of Achievement for that level.  Students who complete all three levels receive a Certificate of Proficiency.

Learning Materials

Our materials are written by a former Berklee College of Music professor and acclaimed bass educator Ed Friedland.  His books have been given very high ratings by students who have used them to become proficient at the electric bass.  Students use play-along CD's of professionally recorded songs that have become legendary hits.   This makes learning fun and engaging between lessons.


See the Recommended Bass Equipment page for quality equipment suitable for the beginner or intermediate player.

Instructional Materials

Materials for your first lesson are about $10

4509 Stonehenge Circle
Orlando, Florida

Rates:  $15 per lesson; lessons range from 30 to 50 minutes

Phone: (407) 207-0321


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