Music Lessons


I teach electric bass, guitar, ukelele and soprano guitar.

Who We Serve

Over my years of teaching music, I've taught young children, teenagers, young adults and mature adults. 

I have two packages.  Lessons are at least 30 minutes long.  Each package has you purchasing a block of 4 lessons, with payment for the next block of lessons happening when you arrive for your fourth lesson.

Economy Plan

Tution is $15 per lesson. 
We establish a time for these lessons.  If you need to reschedule, then you have to let me know at the lesson the week(s) prior to your reschedule to minimize phone calls and schedule coordination during the week.   We can can try to work out a time at the lesson.  If you can't make the assigned lesson after then, then the tuition for that lesson is forfeited. 

If for some reason I learn I can't be available at any time before the lesson, we can reschedule or double up on the next lesson so you get the value out of the tuition you paid for that lesson.

Premium Plan
This plan is $20 per lesson.

You can reschedule with 24 hours notice or we can double up the next lesson if that fits our schedule.  If for some reason I can't be available, we can reschedule or double up on the next lesson so you get the value out of the tuition you paid for that lesson.  However, if you cancel the day of the lesson, you forfeit the tuition for that lesson. 

At your first lesson, you pay $15.  If you want to continue taking lessons, you then provide $60 for the next block of lessons.  Going forward, you pay for your next four lessons when you complete your fourth lesson.

Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons center on learning to read notes and play chords.   The Hal Leonard Guitar Method provides a strong approach to learning to play the guitar.  I can also customize lessons to your interests.

Soprano Guitar and Ukelele Lessons
These have become VERY fun lessons for adults and children alike.   For children, I focus on making learning the instrument fun with stickers, beads for showing progress at each lesson, and small toy incentives for practicing lessons.  We can also customize lessons to your interests.

I can teach children using standard music notation or the easier-to-learn tablature format. For adults, we can learn popular songs and note-reading.

Bass Lessons
You'll learn to read musical notation, tablature, play slap and finger style bass, as well as how to build improvised bass lines and solos.    At each level you'll learn to play popular songs that match your skill level.  Lessons expose you to a wide range of musical styles from rock, blues, jazz, and new country.  I can also customize lessons to your interests.

Rates:  $15 per lesson; lessons are a minimum of 30 minutes.

Phone: (407) 207-0321
4509 Stonehenge Circle
Orlando, FL

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