Recommended Bass Gear for Beginners

SX Basses

These basses are inexpensive, and provide very good quality for the money.  They're made of alder and maple -- wood that's normally found in more expensive basses.  The electronics and hardware are decent; therefore, the instrument sounds good and stays in tune.  I own three of these basses.  They are reliable after an initial once-over; therefore, I use them when playing with a band. 

SX basses are available in long (34") or short (30") scale, depending on the size of your hands.  They are also available in different colors and styles.

You'll need to replace the strings, however, to get a better sound.  And the bass may need to set up so it plays well (adjust the truss rod in the neck and the saddles at the bridge).

Setups are $5 to my bass students.  A set of strings will cost between $15 and $25 from any music store.

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 Mahalo Economy Painted Ukelele

This ukelele stays in tune and is very playable, and is available in lot of other colors.

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Bass or Guitar Korg Tuner Chromatic Tuner CA-30

You need to make sure your bass plays in tune.   This tuner is highly rated by a lot of musicians, is accurate, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

 Eventually, you'll learn to get your bass in tune by ear, but at first, we recommend you use a tuner until your ability to hear the accuracy of your tuning develops.  This way you can get on with making music!

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Where to get a Korg Tuner

Wittner MT-50 Metronome

You need a metronome to act as a "pretend drummer" when you're practicing.  The job of a bass player, next to the drummer, is to keep the time solid.   A metronome beeps in perfect time, and helps you figure out where you're speeding up, and where you're slowing down when you practice.

This particular metronome has a reputation for being very tough, and long-lasting.  It has basic features, but is all you need to play with good time.

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Tempo Perfect Metronome Software
(Free Download)

This is a software metronome you download to your computer.  I found it quiet on my computer speaker, however, it's worth a try if you don't want to buy a physical metronome.

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Peavey Max 126 Bass Amplifier

When you're starting out, you'll need something to amplify your bass so you can hear it.  For practicing, a small 10 or 15 watt amp will do. If you intend to play with a band, however, you'll need something more powerful -- like a 200 Watt amp or higher, depending on the size of the venue. 

Alternatively, you can plug into a sound system, if one is available.

Peavey has always made good practice amplifiers, and is a brand a I often recommend.

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Where to get the amplifier

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